Audio/Vedio recording


recording and editing


IVR Recordings



Movie Background score

Sound/Music beds/Background music

Foley sound effects

Studio musicians on call

Recording for School dramas, Ballets, Musicals etc

Remote location recording:

Compact system of digital multitrack

or digital 2-track is           available.


Bring your imagination in real life...


King Studio is a modern recording studio designed to cater for the needs of singers, songwriters and musicians. We provide high-quality acoustic recording, virtual instrument programming, mixing and mastering.

Here at King Studio as our Tag Line is-

Tracking-Mixing-Mastering. We specialise in tracking vocals, musicians, creating high quality music productions, mixing & mastering.

Our studio offers a welcoming environment to inspire your musical creativity. There is no better recording studio in Jaipur that can offer you top recordings at such affordable rates. So whether you're a pro or have never set foot inside a recording studio before, we will make your recording session enjoyable and productive.

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King Studio

Can help you to bring your imagination in real life.